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Marquee Hire Manchester

A memorable marquee wedding

Are you throwing an event in Manchester and want to hire a marquee? Here at P4 Events, we have a team of experts that know how to organise outdoor events and weddings. Whether you want to host a work event or throw a surprise birthday party, we can supply an amazing marquee for the occasion at an even better price. Let’s take a look at some occasions where you may want to consider marquee!

Hiring for a corporate event

If you want to arrange a corporate event in Manchester, you can transform your space with a marquee. This covered arena can be a pleasant gathering spot for up to 2,000 guests, allowing your corporate clients to socialise and network. We have provided fully bespoke events for small and large businesses such as Barclays Bank, Rowland Homes and even the MOBO award after party! Whether you are having a gala dinner or an evening of entertainment, consider a marquee for the occasion.

Christmas Party

it one to remember by transforming our marquee into a festive masterpiece. This allows your staff to have a fantastic fully- heated space to have fun, taking them out of the office to enjoy an entertaining day.

Hiring for your wedding

Your wedding day is often given the title of ‘the best day of your life’ – so it has to be special! Special is exactly what we offer at Passion4Events. With a marquee for you and your guests, you have tons of space to transform into your dream wedding venue. Our marquee is stylish and elegant, with the ability for customisation to make it exactly as you imagined.

Our expert team are experienced and have the technical knowledge necessary to help you with your wedding preparation. We make sure your special day is free from worry and stress. We partner with well-known suppliers to make sure your wedding day is perfect. What’s more, we make sure the whole package is cost-effective too.

Whatever the occasion, our marquees are here to impress!

Are you wanting to throw a birthday celebration? Do you wish you could arrange a special engagement party for your other half? At P4 Events, we can help you make any event the best one you have ever organised. This is all thanks to our marquees. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you can look forward to.

No guest limit!

The size of a marquee means that you can invite a lot of guests to your event. This means if you are having a large gathering, you will not have to worry about the numbers. You will be able to accommodate everyone.


One of the great things about hiring a marquee is that they can be enjoyed anywhere. You are not restricted to a certain location for your event or special occasion. It does not matter whether you want to arrange your gathering on a farm or in your own back garden, marquees are flexible.

It’s a blank canvas

A marquee is customised for you, and we work with you to transform it into the ideal setup. We take great care of our marquees, so they always look clean and contemporary, as well as allowing you to take in the views and natural daylight.

An affordable option

Everyone will have a different budget. The good thing about a marquee is that you are able to personalise the inside anyway that you want. This means you can choose the decorations, as well as select suppliers that fit your needs and budget. We make sure that your hire package is suitable for you and tailored to your requirements.

Peace and exclusivity

When you choose a marquee, your event will not be disrupted as you have full exclusivity. It is your own private space to invite your guests and have fun. This does not always happen with other venues in Manchester, which can be busy and loud, disturbing your special occasion.

Enjoy extra services

At P4 Events, we are an events company that can offer you a variety of fantastic services to make your day special. In addition to marquee hire, we can help you with the interior and exterior, as well as catering. We have great contacts with suppliers that offer cost-effective packages for you.

Personalise for your event

You can dress your marquee up or down for any occasion. You can make it comfortable and relaxed or go for the formal, luxury style. You can decide what you want and we can adjust your marquee accordingly.

Think about catering

Good food and unlimited beverages are essential for any event. While some people have a personal chef or catering service in mind, we can help you if you want some assistance to ensure your guests are going to be happy. At P4 Events, we know how to throw a good party or memorable event. We only work with the most reputable caterers, ensuring the food is delicious and the drinks keep on flowing through the day or night. Our team can discuss your requirements to ensure your event is a success.

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