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Marquee Hire Lancashire

Your very own bespoke marquee wedding

Are you looking to hire a marquee in Lancashire for an upcoming event?  P4 Events can help to make your ideas a reality and we have a team of specialists in outdoor events and weddings to help with your big birthday party, corporate event, anniversary or engagement party and much more! We can supply a beautiful marquee to suit all events and offer a flexible solution to your event planning problems. With maximum floor space and many trusted suppliers to help your event come together, P4 Events has a strong reputation across Lancashire for delivering great marquees at affordable prices. 

Corporate Event Hire

Here at P4 Events we have worked with many reputable companies including creating large scale events for clients such as Barclays Bank. Transforming spaces so that they are suitable for gala dinners or corporate events is what we do best and our marquee hire services can cater for all your needs across Lancashire. Although setting up a corporate event may seem like a huge task from the outset, with a marquee you can choose every detail of your event to ensure it’s personalised to your exact needs.

Your xmas party with some excitement!

Want a Christmas Party to remember for the staff at your workplace? Why not consider hiring a marquee so you have the space to keep guests excited and entertained throughout the whole day. A marquee will make everything feel so special and will create a more luxurious look and feel!

A truly bespoke wedding

Your wedding is without a doubt the most memorable day of your life so if you are looking for an extra special venue, a marquee offers a stylish and elegant solution that will be large enough to cater to everyone! Planning right up to the day itself, we will ensure you get the best possible results and our teams’ technical knowledge and experience will guide you through. 

Working with tried and tested suppliers we know and trust, we can guarantee the quality of your event and ensure it’s delivered at the most cost-effective price. We will take care of the planning and preparation to ensure the build-up to your big day is as stress-free as possible!

Whatever the occasion, our marquees make a big impact!

It doesn’t matter what the occasion, whether a special birthday celebration, a surprise party for a loved one, engagement party or just an excuse for a corporate away day, here at P4 Events we offer a unique party venue with many amazing benefits;

No guest limit!

With a marquee you can be much more flexible when it comes to your guests. Even if only half the guest list turns up or it’s at full capacity, the marquee space can be tailored to accommodate all guests.


When it comes to location a marquee can be built in any beautiful setting you desire so there are little restrictions. Whether you want to host the marquee in a field, your own back garden or a more unique open space such as a beach, the options are endless! 

You have a blank canvas

Having a marquee has many benefits but the main one is you can allow daylight in and create a setting that suits you best! You will have a totally blank canvas to work with, not to mention everything will look super clean and modern. If there’s a picturesque view nearby you will really be able to make this a feature too! 

Easier to budget

With a marquee you will have the ability to choose your decorations, caterers and florists alongside other suppliers. When hiring a marquee, P4 Events can also help you with finding the best suppliers so you will receive the best value for money. 

Enjoy the extras

The main advantage of a marquee hire package is that you can benefit from the services on offer at P4 Events such as advice and guidance on interiors, exteriors, marquee decorations, catering and more. As event management companies have great contacts with suppliers you may also be able to secure much better value for money! 

Marquees can be dressed up or down!

Depending on the occasion, a marquee can be adjusted to have a more luxurious feel, a relaxed ambiance or the marquee can be themed depending on your individual preferences. Here at P4 Events we can customise elements of the marquee for you so that it is totally unique.

The catering possibilities are endless

Whether you have a personal choice of chef you would like to use or you have a particular budget in mind, your chosen marquee company can be as involved as you wish in ensuring that the food is good and the drinks are flowing. Catering is always something that is bound to keep the guests happy so if you get this right with the help of P4 Events, it is guaranteed to be a success!  

If you are looking to host an event in Lancashire and create your own unique party venue that will completely wow your guests, contact the team at P4 Events and they will be happy to discuss your particular requirements to make sure you experience the best service possible. 

We would love to make your marquee ideas a reality so get in touch today! 

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