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Fairground Attractions

It’s all the fun of the fair with our ever popular Fairground themed events. Let us take you back to your childhood for one night only! A favourite with clients looking for a novel and nostalgic way to ensure their guests are truly entertained throughout the day.

Best Price Guarantee

Working with the ride and stall owners directly means that we can confidently guarantee the very best service at the most competitive price. You can’t say Fairer than that!

Our previous Fairground themed events have gone down a storm! Particularly the Travel Councillors AGM at the ACC in Liverpool. This event was a Pier theme where the client wanted to recreate a fun fairground for all guests to enjoy after dinner.

We installed a full-sized (articulated) Kentucky Derby, full-sized Dodgems (12-cars), and a delicious range of food stalls including French Crepes, Doughnuts and even a chocolate fountain. Proving no event or venue comes as too much of a challenge!

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