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F1 ESports Racing Simulator

This F1 ESports Simulator is a piece of equipment we’ve been quietly developing over December, using the latest, state of the art components on the market today which are used.

This F1 ESports Simulator is a piece of equipment we’ve been quietly developing over December, using the latest, state of the art components on the market today which are used by the F1 teams themselves in the ESports arena, and now we can finally showcase it to you all!

Using a Pod-ium1 frame that allows for life-like driving movement and combining this with the high-performance Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base, ClubSport Formula 1 Esports Steering Wheel and ClubSport Pedals V3, this simulator contains everything you need to compete with the best simulator racers in the world. Nothing will make you faster than a set of good pedals and the ClubSport V3’s on this simulator contain the latest and most advanced technology to give you an advantage.

The simulator comes in two colours, red and blue, and can be hired on it’s own or complete with a custom made podium of it’s own. This podium is perfect for any setting, whether it be an exhibition stand, corporate incentive or event hire and can be fully customised to match your brand, product or theme. The back of the podium is a lightbox, further enhancing your graphics and the simulators visibility.

Exhibition Use – in todays world of exhibitions, every metre of space is precious (and expensive), so it’s crucial to ensure you maximise your space and make it as visually interesting as possible to drive the maximum amount of visitors to your stand and in turn convert these to maximise your ROI. Not only is Esports on trend, it’s also extremely interactive and life-like in comparison to one of our traditional Sega Rally One arcade machines for instance. The added benefit of the podium is that it raises up the simulator, making it more visual and provides you with a blank canvas to ensure you get your message across and noticed.

In addition to showcasing the simulator and driving guests to your stand, the podium can physically be your stand with rear mounted shelving perfect for displaying your products / merchandise and taking up as little as 2m x 2m, so what’s not to love? Get in touch today for a full quote, It may be a lot more affordable than you first think.

Corporate Incentives – do you have a boss with a love of all things motorsport and racing? Maybe he thinks he’s the next Lewis Hamilton? Well why not hire our ESports simulator and put his driving skills to the test. We can arrive at your office / workplace and be set-up within one hour and as the simulator breaks down we can fit in to even the tightest of spaces. Once you’ve tested the boss’ ability it’s the staffs turn to race against the clock and see who can beat the top score on race tracks around the world. We even have the latest Platinum headsets, so if it’s in an office environment only the gamer can hear the action without distracting other staff.

Event Hire – no matter what the event, this F1 ESports Simulator would be a great addition and sure to be a hit with guests of all ages with it’s adjustable seating positions allowing for gamers young and old.

The simulator starts from just £325.00 +VAT per day with a complete customised podium and graphics from £1,325.00 +VAT so what are you waiting for, get in touch today to discuss your next event.

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