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Creative Events, Expertly Delivered

Planning and organising a creative event is a huge task and often you may question if it’s worth the hassle. That’s where P4 Events come in! With caterers to arrange, creating a suitable event theme, not to mention the perfect entertainment for the night, why not enlist the help of the best event management company in Lancashire? We have worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Disney, Sony and more so we are confident that we can take away all the stress and hassle, leaving you with an event that truly exceeds expectations. 

Private Parties

Whether you are planning a special birthday party for a close family member or you have another celebration in mind, P4 Events has a huge range of suppliers so you don’t need to worry about everything coming together as we will do all of the hard work for you. We can arrange live music and entertainment, an afternoon tea party, an Alice in Wonderland-style 21st Birthday party or even create your favourite mini cocktail favours! From transforming an empty warehouse to setting up a marquee for thousands of people, with our extensive contacts and industry expertise we really do have everything covered. 

Corporate Event Management

Our team of event management specialists are always guaranteed to help you to raise brand awareness, motivate your team or impress your clients. The main benefit of using P4 Events is that our team has vast experience in every kind of corporate event so if you’re struggling for innovative ideas, we have everything covered. We can also create full customisation to ensure the event is tailored to your branding to maximise exposure for your business.

Themed Events

P4 Events have experience of organising every kind of event and ensuring everything runs smoothly. From setting the tone of the party to making sure a theme is consistent throughout, we have created everything from a nostalgic retro gaming theme to an Ibiza beach party so whatever ideas you have, our team will accommodate and make it happen! 


If you have delegates travelling from all over the country conferences take a lot of organisation, but we can help you to ensure everything is planned to perfection and everyone is in the right place at the right time. From arranging equipment for guest speakers, making sure everyone has a name badge, to creating the most suitable seating plan, we understand what is required and will endeavour to make your event a success.

Annual Events

Organising a full annual event for a business could be a stressful experience, especially if you are already in a full-time role, so why not let us take this stress off you so you can also enjoy the experience? We have vast experience in arranging annual events for businesses and we can take care of your companies annual events to ensure they are always a step above the rest.

Awards Ceremonies

Whether your company plans annual awards or this is a special occasion for the business, P4 Events will work hard to ensure the event is memorable and most importantly, lots of fun!  Winning or being nominated for an award can be a really special moment for the attendees so it’s essential this kind of event recognises everyone involved.

Product Launches

Whether you are introducing it to press and the media or potential customers, you’ll want to make sure everything about your product launch looks super professional. From promotional stands to marketing collateral and digital presentations, we will make sure your new product leaves a lasting impression.


Exhibition spaces need to have that special wow-factor to showcase the products or services on offer. P4 Events has vast experience of creating exhibition events that are a real talking point so whether you need help with the execution of the exhibition or you simply want us to take over and arrange everything, let us help you to create something unforgettable.

Team Building

Team Building days are great for building morale in the workplace and celebrating any successes so why not allow us to get creative, understand your team and help you to plan the best team building day ever? Our team will take the industry into account and tailor the team building activities to your ideal requirements.

Gala Dinners

We have lots of experience in organising gala dinners so when it comes to the catering, entertainment and venue our team has all of the skills and expertise to make it a night to remember. A gala dinner is a great way to create a social buzz and bring people together to fundraise for charity or just generally have a great time!

Complete Event Project Management & Staffing

Occasionally large scale events will require full project management and staffing and here at P4 Events we have a network of professional individuals to manage your event from start to finish. From generating many creative ideas to ensuring that everything is under control, our team will work with you until everything is perfect.

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