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Event Furniture Hire Ribble Valley

Transform your venue with our luxury event furniture

If you are looking for some event furniture to hire in the Ribble Valley, P4 Events has a large selection of quality furniture that is readily available for any corporate event or special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding or party to celebrate a special occasion, the planning can definitely feel overwhelming so why not let the professionals help?

Hire all you need from one supplier

Here at P4 Events, we speak to hundreds of event planners and we have noticed that there can be an initial sense of confusion with knowing exactly what to hire, how much to hire, when to start the booking process and making sure everything runs smoothly on the lead up to the event.

A team of experts are here to help

Let’s talk about the practical side of things! You need to think about how the event will run from start to finish so you can make sure you are prepared for all types of activities and then you can form a list of key furniture pieces. This can be a little complicated without any previous experience but that’s where our team can come in to help!

Find out which items may already be included

Here at P4 Events we have most types of tables and chairs to cater for your next event but some venues are totally blank canvases and you’ll need to bring absolutely everything in so you’ll need to check what’s included as part of the venue. We specialise in Marquee weddings and events so when it comes to transforming an empty venue, we know a thing or two! It’s always going to be friendlier on your budget to minimise the number of hire suppliers where possible and as P4 Events has access to bar and booth layouts, bean bags and tables to props and accessories, you’ll be able to hire everything you need from one place so there’s no need to coordinate with many different suppliers.

Decide on a particular style or theme

When it comes to deciding on event furniture, you will want to ensure everything remains consistent throughout. Depending on whether you are planning a luxury fine dining style event or a more casual event with many guests, you will want this to be the same style throughout. Hiring some props and accessories so you can create ambiance and add character to space will really help to generate a buzz!  Here at P4 Events we love catering to our client’s special requests too so if you have a need for anything, in particular, we would be happy to assist you with your dream event wishlist.

If you can minimise the number of hire suppliers where possible, it’s always going to be friendlier on your budget and as P4 Events has access to bar and booth layouts, bean bags and tables, props and accessories, you’ll be able to hire everything you need directly from one company so there’s no need to communicate with lots of different suppliers.

Think about where your guests will be situated

Ensuring there are suitable seating areas, tables and bars to enjoy a drink or two is key so why not allow P4 Events to assist you with this more complicated part of your event? You want your guests to be comfortable throughout the event but you also want them to be so busy having a great time they forget to sit down! 

Event furniture such as tables and chairs can often be difficult to manoeuvre and when there are so many other areas of an event to manage, we can remove this stress for you so you can enjoy planning the rest of the event! Whether you are looking for champagne side tables, barrel tables or something more quirky such as a PacMan table, P4 Events will create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

Make sure you hire your furniture in advance

One of our top tips is, order your event furniture in advance to make sure it is available and can be delivered on time.Whether it is a business meeting, wedding, outdoor celebration, conference or awards ceremony, hiring event furniture should be high on your list of priorities as this will help to form the overall look of the event. 

The correct furniture can make or break your event and we are committed to ensuring your furniture is delivered clean and on time to ensure you have an amazing experience. Covering a wide range of the Ribble Valley, P4 Events is dedicated to supplying the furniture you need to make your event as special as possible so contact us today to turn your ideas into action!

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