Custom Branded Arcade Games

Custom branded arcade games for your next corporate event Let’s be honest; it does not matter how old you are, everybody loves to play games! So, why not make sure…

Custom branded arcade games for your next corporate event

Let’s be honest; it does not matter how old you are, everybody loves to play games! So, why not make sure that next big event has the wow factor. Hire some arcade games and make sure your guests or staff have a memorable day. The retro arcade games have always been the most popular, even today. A lot of the classics have inspired the modern games, but the great thing about them is that they are still fun to play and let everybody enjoy some nostalgia. Whether you are planning a launch event. Christmas party, networking event or just rewarding your staff with something special, arcade machines are definitely the way to go for some entertainment.

But, what is better than arcade games? Well, it is custom branded arcade machines! We all know that entertainment is key to a memorable and fun event. But, décor and branding also play a big part too. With custom branded arcade machines, you can combine entertainment with advertising and make sure that the machine matches your theme or venue. We brand your machine to match your company colours and incorporate your logo, to really stand out and get people talking. It’s also great to share on social media to promote how great your event was…and it’s likely the guests will do that too!

So, what are all the benefits of a custom branded arcade machine and why should you purchase one? Well, let’s find out in some more detail.

What companies and people love about custom branded arcade machines is the freedom to choose the theme and artwork that they want for any occasion. While your party or event guests can enjoy their favourite retro arcade games in all their glory, you can also make sure that the arcade machine matches your décor or shows off your business branding. So, not only do you have the enticing graphics, sound effects and lights, but you can also have an attractive and eye-catching arcade machine that is going to stand out at any event that you bring it to. You can feature anything you want to, from your company logo and branding to bright colours and patterns. Having a bespoke design on your arcade machine is a sure way to get people talking about your business or event.


Check out some of our past projects with Arcade Direct that were proven a success. For example, at the Topshop in Oxford Street, they were introducing a new range of Stranger Things clothing and for the launch, they wanted to make it fun, eye-catching and something everybody would talk about. They did this by transforming their normal store into a special set for Stranger Things. In addition, they had help from Arcade Direct for the creation of custom branded arcade machines. The fantastic and talented design team created wraps for the arcade machines that matched the Stranger Things set perfectly. Everybody loved it!

Another example of a custom branded arcade machine stealing the show was at the Snapchat roadshow. The social media giant Snapchat wanted to have something different for their roadshow around London and Arcade Direct provided two custom boxing machines that were outstanding. They were fully branded with Snapchat cladding, which stood out and guests were attracted and enjoyed testing their strength, while also learning about the brand. It was definitely a success that helped promote Snapchat.

Of course, custom branded arcade machines are not just amazing for corporate events; they can also be exciting and fun for parties and special occasions too! It doesn’t matter what theme you are having, you can get an arcade machine to match and get everyone wanting to play games. For example, if you are planning a wedding, you can have your arcade machine.