Fantastic Fireworks

MDL Fireworks was formed in March 2005 by two directors, Phil Rustage and Elaine Robb. The business has grown in strength each year, and now has three fulltime staff, and 40 part time staff. Based in Preston MDL Fireworks pride themselves on their high standards and bespoke displays.

Supplier Spotlight – MDL Fireworks Ltd

Guest post written by Elaine Robb

MDL Fireworks Ltd was formed in March 2005 by the two directors Phil Rustage and Elaine Robb. The business has grown in strength each year and we now have three fulltime staff, and 40 part time staff. We have registered storage facilities in Preston and Stafford, and retails outlets in Preston and Leyland. We are looking to expand our retail this year to Leigh area.

Phil has been involved in the firework industry for over 30 years, and was the Northern Operations Manager for Millennium Pyrotechnics based in Salisbury. In 2005 Millennium was sold and Phil was made redundant. I had been working part time with Millennium Pyrotechnics as a firerer on displays, so it was a natural progression for us to form MDL Fireworks Ltd and continue doing what we both loved. Combined we have 45 years experience.

The one thing we both agreed on from the start, was that every display we do has to be done to the highest standard, using the best quality products that we can source. Whether it be a corporate event, sporting event, wedding or birthday, the same high standard will be maintained. To ensure that we maintain our high standards we have sourced our products carefully for the clarity of colours and range of effects. We now have a partnership with Pro-Fusion pyrotechnics in Stafford who import products for us, that are made to our own specifications in China, resulting in a product line that is quite unique to us.

This year we have invested in a new computerised fireone system to further complement our existing electrical firing system. The new system will give us scope to be even more creative when designing our displays and ensure that we will continue to exceed our client’s expectations

Our client base is extensive, ranging from local councils and round tables, to corporates, sports clubs, private parties, weddings, birthdays and engagements. We have provided displays for Lancaster Castle, Clitheroe Castle, Woodvale International Rally, Preston River festival, and Virgin Gym to name a few.

If you want your event to be extra special, then a Firework Display can certainly give you the WOW factor! We are always happy to discuss client requirements on a free consultation basis, advising on a the range of options available, and what we believe would be the best option for your venue. At this point we will also tell prospective clients if we believe that it would be an unsafe venue for fireworks, as the safety of our clients and employee’s is paramount to us.

Top Tips for planning an event with Fireworks

Ask your venue before booking if they allow fireworks and are there any restrictions ie: noise levels. Some venues require Low noise fireworks that will not disturb neighbours. We can provide low noise fireworks but if you want noise it’s always worth asking the question first to avoid disappointment.

If the venue have never had fireworks before. It is always best to ask a professional firework company to assess the site. It may look as if there is enough space for fireworks, but there are specific distances that should be maintained to ensure that everyone is safe. A professional company will advise you what is possible.

Think about what you want the fireworks to be like. Do you want a BIG impact with lots of noise that lasts a few minutes or do you want perhaps a fifteen minute display that is pretty with some noise, sometimes less is more

I would like fireworks but my event is not at night. There are daytime fireworks available too! No matter what your planning day or night ask the question, you just might be surprised by the answer.

Always ensure that you ask for proof of Insurance documents from your Firework Provider. If a firework company cannot provide copies of current Insurance documents look elsewhere.