The Apprentice – Corporate Team Building Task

If you’re like me and love watching the Apprentice, you’ll know that last nights task for the teams was to organise a corporate team building day for two top clients…

If you’re like me and love watching the Apprentice, you’ll know that last nights task for the teams was to organise a corporate team building day for two top clients. After the teams efforts last night, I thought I’d write a quick blog post detailing how I personally would have approached the same challenge!

There’s a fine line between corporate team building days & corporate inventive trips. Using The Apprentice format as an example, a corporate team building day is like the task set out by Lord Sugar for the teams to complete, it must be approached and carried out to the very best of the delegates ability, with the end result leading to better productivity & profitability when back at the office, & ultimately a corporate incentive (or treat) to congratulate their success.

After nearly a decade in the events industry, I’ve worked with a number of specialist team building companies to create successful events for our clients. The following task is one of my favourites, and one which I feel would have perfectly met the needs of both Lord Sugars clients.

Aims & Objectives:
To enhance the delegates communication, creative, & team work skills.

What’s required:
> Selection of paints
> Paint pallets
> Disposable overalls
> A3 canvases
> Large display easel
> Few screws, short pieces of wood, & basic tools.

The Task – See the Bigger Picture!
On arrival an introduction and overview of the days activities is given to the group, before they are split into two teams. Both teams are told their challenge is to excel the other team to win a luxurious Champagne afternoon tea & cakes later that day, while the losing team simply get coffee & biscuits.

Once the group have been split into two teams they will each be given a selection or paints, paint pallet, disposable overalls, & a canvas. They will then be given an image – for the purpose of this example the Barclays logo. The team have to work together to size up the image, with one letter from the logo featuring on each of their A3 canvases.

After working as a team to size up the image and delegating who will have which letter, good communication is then required between team members to ensure all letters are at the same height on each canvas, along with working together to mix the paint on their individual pallets ensuring the colour will look consistent throughout the final image.

On completion of the task delegates will have used there communication & team work skills to work out the sizing, placing, & colour, and their creative skills to draw & paint the letter. During the lunch break our team will join the individual A3 canvases together to form one big image, then position these on oversized easels & cover up with a cloth for the big reveal later in the day.

Once everyone’s refreshed from lunch we would usually have a talk from a key member of the companies management team or motivational speaker if required. Following this we would present the finished artwork in a grand reveal, demonstrating how each team have worked together, with the best overall image winning the luxury Champagne afternoon tea!

As the day draws to a close the group feel much closer to their colleagues, and have a real sense of achievement, with a piece of artwork they can take back to the office & show friends!

If you’re thinking of organising an event, whether it be a corporate team building day, corporate incentive, marketing activity, or company conference, contact us today for a no obligation quote where we can showcase our ideas.